Use the word "sprinkle" when water, food, or other things are dropped or poured onto a surface.

  • John used a hose to sprinkle some water onto the flowers.
  • Use a sprinkler for watering your plants. (sprinkler = a device, large or small, that brings water to plants)
  • sprinkling system  Farmers use large sprinkling systems for their crops.
  • It’s sprinkling outside. (There’s a light rain.)
  • It’s not raining very hard. It’s just sprinkling.
  • I sprinkled some salt on my french fries.  salt
  • Do you ever sprinkle sugar on top of cereal?
  • After Bernice finished baking the cake, she sprinkled powdered sugar on top of it instead of frosting.
  • There are sprinkles on this donut.


  • I spinkled a little salt on my potato.
  • There are sprinkles on the donut.
  • This morning we got a light sprinkling of rain. 

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May 1, 2014