The word "bore" describes how a person feels when something is not interesting. It’s regularly used for school, work, or one’s life. Pay attention to whether "bore" is used as a verb or as an adjective:

  • I feel bored. (adjective)
  • I’m bored. (adjective)
  • I bored the students. (verb — The students wanted to go to sleep while listening to me talk!)
  • I’m boring. (adjective – My personality and life are not very interesting! Be careful. This might not be the correct thing to say.)
  • This class is boring. (adjective)
  • This movie is boring. (adjective)
  • The movie is boring me. (verb)
  • The students were bored by the lecture. (verb)
  • The lecture bored the students. (verb)
  • The students were bored. (adjective)
  • You look bored. (adjective)
  • My job bores me. (verb)
  • My job is boring. (adjective)

You can also make a noun with "bore" by adding "dom" to the end:

  • I thought I was going to die of boredom at that party.
  • To avoid feelings of loneliness and boredom, Agnes joined a club that meets twice a week.

Words that rhyme with "bore."

bored people

They’re suffering from boredom.

They’re both bored.

They’re bored with each other.

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