Juggling is a physical skill that has to be learned and practiced. It usually involves several objects that are thrown into the air simultaneously and then caught. The picture below shows a couple of jugglers juggling.

They’re juggling with batons.

They know how to juggle.


Have you ever tried juggling?

There are some other ways to use "juggle" as a verb. When a person is very busy or when someone tries to do many things all at one time, you can use the verb "juggle."

  • Jeff is juggling three jobs right now.
  • Victoria is trying to juggle a career, a family, and an interest in politics.
  • The football player juggled the ball a little before finally catching it.*

Note: Sometimes "juggle" is similar to "bobble." When you "bobble" something, you almost drop it. Something is in your hands, but you lose your grip on the thing and it may or may not drop to the ground.

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This page was first published on August 10, 2014. It was updated on January 14, 2016.