Use the word "pay" when talking about money for a purchase or when describing the money that is given to a person for his or her labor (work).

The following sentences use "pay" for work. Notice that the passive voice is often used for this verb:

simplepastpast participle
  • Christine gets paid at the end of the week. (passive voice using "get")
  • That company doesn’t pay its workers very well.
  • Jose is being paid $10 an hour to work as a roofer.
  • You’ll be paid sometime next week.
  • Many fast food places pay minimum wage to their entry-level workers.

These sentences use "pay" for a purchase:

  • John paid too much for his car.
  • Let’s pay our bill and go.
  • What did you pay for your jacket?
  • How much will you pay them to paint your house?

pay How much will he pay?

You can also use "pay" as a noun:

  • The pay at that company is very good.
  • Tina likes her job but not the pay. She thinks she deserves more pay.
  • That sounds like a great job. What’s the pay?
  • Are you happy with your pay?

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August 29, 2014