To reflect is to think back on the past and consider the importance of past events and experiences.

In these sentences, the word "reflect" is used as a verb:

  • The people attending the memorial service paused to reflect on the lives that were lost. (reflect = think deeply about something; ponder.)
  • Dan’s bad grades don’t reflect his potential as a student. (reflect = show)
  • The bad behavior of the military reflected poorly on the people of that country.
  • The success of their business reflects all of the hard work that they put into it.
  • Sunlight is reflecting off of the lake. (reflect = light or images project towards another place.)


Light is reflecting off of the water.

To make the noun form of this word, add the "ion" ending:

  • If you look into a mirror, you will see your reflection.
  • Dora’s bad behavior is a reflection of poor parenting.
  • September 11 is an opportunity for reflection upon the events leading up to and following the attacks in 2001.

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