Adverbs of time such as "now," tomorrow," "daily," etc. aren’t too difficult for students to learn, but an indefinite adverb such as "someday" isn’t as easy. We use "someday" to indicate a time in the distant future. How far into the future does it go? It depends on the situation, but it usually sounds like a long time from now:

  • My son said that someday he would visit Bangladesh.
  • Someday we’ll get new furniture.
  • We should go to that new restaurant downtown someday.
  • Someday human beings will visit Mars.
  • You said you would call me someday soon, but you never did. (someday + soon = the near future)
  • Someday I’ll be rich.
  • Someday there will be peace in the world.


Note: "Someday" sounds a little like "Sunday." Be sure to put your lips together when pronouncing the "m" in "someday."

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August 8, 2014