fitness How do you feel today? Did you do any exercising or play any sports yesterday? If so, your muscles might feel a little sore. When your body moves quickly or with great effort, the muscles tear a little and are then rebuilt when at rest. This feeling of sorenesss is actually a good thing, even though it might feel a little painful. The word "sore" is an adjective:

  • Jeff’s legs are sore because he ran a few miles yesterday.
  • My back is sore. I did a lot of heavy lifting last weekend.
  • Helen has a sore neck. She saw a movie from the front row of a movie theater last night, and now her neck hurts.

Parts of the body that typically get sore from overuse or sickness are the throat, eyes, and feet:

  • The teacher has a sore throat. She can barely speak today!
  • My eyes are sore. I spent three hours reading legal documents online.
  • Tom’s feet are sore and have blisters. He walked all around the city today.

You can also use "sore" to describe a feeling of unhappiness with another person.

  • Her supervisor is sore because she called in sick.
  • Don’t get sore with me! It’s not my fault the computer doesn’t work.
  • We feel a little sore because they didn’t invite us to their party. We invited them to ours, but they didn’t invite us to theirs.

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August 16, 2014