An amount of time or space is a distance. It’s usually the difference between two physical locations:

  • What’s the distance between New York and Miami?
  • The distance of the race is 22 miles.
  • He’s a long-distance runner.
  • There’s not much distance between here and there.
  • The distance between stars and galaxies is measured in light years.
  • Cell phones allow people to talk to each other over long distances for very little money.
  • She needs a little distance from her ex-husband.
  • The distance of time made the two old friends strangers to each other.
  • Distance makes the heart grow fonder. (This is an expression.)


The word "distant" is an adjective. It’s used to describe things or people that are far away in time and space.

  • A star is a very distant object. (It’s very far away.)
  • Gloria dreams of traveling to distant shores. (distant shores = places, countries that are far away)
  • Something is troubling her. She seems very distant today. (distant = not sociable)
  • A distant relative called Bob the other day to talk about the family tree. (distant relative = not closely related but still related by blood)

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December 4, 2014