A person heals when his or her physical condition improves. This word is similar to the verb phrase, "get better."

  • Your body needs time to heal if you get sick. (Your body needs time to get better.*)
  • He’s still healing after a bad accident.
  • Bob needs to see a doctor because the sore on his leg still hasn’t healed. (It hasn’t gotten better.)
  • Cough drops soothe and heal a sore throat.
  • She’s still healing in the wake of a bad breakup. (The word "heal" can be used for emotional or mental recovery from the end of a relationship.)
  • How do you heal a broken heart?
  • Following the end of the civil war, it took many years for the nation to heal.
  • A faith healer is a religious person who can heal people of their illnesses simply by touching their bodies.

a man with bandages His body needs time to heal.

The word "healing" can be used as an adjective or as a noun.

  • Some people who bought the healing crystals were fooled into believing the crystals could deliver relief from pain.
  • The healing waters at the spa provided relief from arthritis.
  • Scientists and doctors are skeptical of faith healing.
  • Healing takes time. (In this sentence, "healing" is a gerund.)

*Note: Some people use "get better" instead of "heal." If you choose to use "get better" instead of "heal," this verb phrase is used without an object.

  • My arm is getting better. (okay)
  • The doctor is getting better my arm. (Incorrect!)
  • The medicine healed my illness. (okay)
  • The medicine got better my illnes. (Incorrect!)

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December 8, 2014