A drone is a male bee involved in bee reproduction. A worker bee, which produces honey, is different from a drone.

bee drone

Drones are associated with laziness or a lack of meaningful labor because they’re existence is devoted to a single purpose. For this reason, the word "drone" might be used to describe office workers whose work is monotonous or boring.

  • Frank is beginning to feel like an office drone. He doesn’t do any meaningful work in his position.
  • The drones who work in customer service answer phones all day and listen to complaints.

Sometimes the word "drone" means to talk in a way that is monotonous or boring.

  • The teacher droned on and on about the poem.
  • The drone of a TV set could be heard from behind the door.
  • The radio is making some kind of droning sound.

Recently, the word "drone" is used to describe an unmanned aircraft used by the military. The operator of the aircraft is in a remote location nearby or thousands of miles away.

drone This is a drone.

Drones may have commercial uses in the future, delivering small packages or food; however, there are concerns regarding safety. Police departments are interested in using drones for public safety, but some people are concerned that aerial surveillance in the United States will lead to a loss of privacy.

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Published on February 24, 2014