The sound that an animal makes when it is angry or when it is determined to protect itself is a growl. There are many different animals that growl. The badger that you see in the picture above is growling. He’s showing his teeth and he’s making a growling sound.

  • Dogs growl when they see someone they don’t know.
  • My dog growled at the mailman earlier today.
  • Bears growl when protecting their young.
  • Lions roar when they communicate with each other, but they also make a low growling sound for many different reasons.

We also use the word "growl" when talking about the sound made by a person’s stomach.

  • Her stomach is growling because she’s hungry.
  • Everyone could hear Tom’s growling stomach. It growled so loudly it was embarrassing.
  • You should eat a good breakfast to prevent your stomach from growling.

This is a difficult word for some students to pronounce. I’ll say it slowly and repeat the word.


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February 7, 2014