Any sort of flexible material that is used as a container could be called a bag. There are many different types of bags:

  • Purchased items go into a grocery bag or a shopping bag when you go shopping for food or clothing.
shopping bag
  • Bread comes in a bag.
  • Candy also comes in a bag.
  • People who go to the movies often buy a bag of popcorn.
  • This is a bag of potato chips.
  • A lunch bag holds your lunch.
  • Tea bags are used for making tea.
  • When traveling, many passengers carry their stuff in a bag.

(bag = luggage)

  • She’s carrying a handbag.
  • Duffel bags are useful when traveling or just going to the gym.
  • Whenever I go golfing, I carry my clubs in a golf bag.
  • A laundry bag is used for holding clothes that need to be cleaned.
laundry bag
  • Fighters practice hitting with a punching bag.
punching bag
  • You can even put yourself into a bag. When camping, you use a sleeping bag.

sleeping bag

When "bag" is used as a verb it means to put something into a bag:

  • Someone bagged my groceries at the grocery store.
  • She bagged the potatoes.
  • Do you bag your own groceries when you go shopping?

A popular expression in the United States is "in the bag." This means that something has already been completed or it’s easily done.

  • We’ve got this deal in the bag.
  • Profits for the year are in the bag.
  • With a score of 45 to 7, they’ve got this game in the bag. (The team that’s winning can’t possibly lose.)
  • Joseph isn’t worried about whether or not he’s going to get the job he interviewed for. He says it’s in the bag

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