The verb "budge" is used when something moves. The movement from one place to another is usually small. This word is often used in the form of a negative:

  • I can’t budge this couch. It’s too heavy.
  • This drawer won’t budge. It’s stuck.
  • He’s not budging. Is he okay?
  • That lazy cat hasn’t budged all day.
  • I can barely budge this window. It’s too cold to move it.
  • Mr. Smith refuses to budge from his negotiating stance.
  • We can’t get him to budge.
  • Keep pushing. It’s beginning to budge.
  • That old dog will budge only if you offer him some food.
  • He can’t budge this giant snowball. This is as far as it goes.

budge He can’t budge it.

Note: Don’t confuse the words "budge it" with the word "budget."

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This page was first published on January 26, 2014. It was updated on May 20, 2016.