A niche is a special area of expertise or a skill. It may be limited to a small number of people or a small demographic* area. We often hear people finding their niche, which means to discover a talent within oneself.

  • Abel found his niche as an importer of Peruvian-made jewelry.
  • Charlene has finally found her niche working in the cosmetics industry.
  • Xavier is still trying to find his niche. (These three examples show the popularity of using "find" with "niche.")
  • Many businesses thrive in New York City due to the existence of niche markets not found elsewhere.
  • Snowboarding, once a niche sport, is now popular wherever there’s snow.

snowboarding  snowboarding

  • Product placement in movies and television shows has grown from a form of niche advertising to one that is more mainstream.

*demographic: a group of people identifiable by gender, age, race, level of income, interests, geography, etc.

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January 14, 2014