If something is slick, it’s smooth or slippery.

  • Be careful. The roads are slick today. (The roads are slippery.)
  • An ice storm followed by snow created a slick surface on the highways.
  • A slick ice rink is good for skating.

If something is slick, it might also be interesting or useful.

  • That’s a very slick way to get things done.
  • An app* on my phone monitors my heart rate. It’s very slick.
  • The magician knows a lot of slick tricks.

When used to describe a person, the word "slick" could mean that a person is tricky, sly, or possibly deceitful:

  • Watch that guy. He’s a slick operator.
  • The card player was so slick, no one knew he was cheating.
  • Mario is too slick for the police. They just can’t catch him.

*app: application; program

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January 31, 2014