To twist something is to turn it or spin it. The result is a spiral shape or a curve.

  • Dough is twisted and then fried in oil to make a donut.
  • A pretzel is twisted dough, baked and salted.
  • Plant fibers are twisted to make rope.
  • Twisted hair takes the form of a braid.
  • A spiral staircase twists.

There are other ways to use this word.

  • A suspenseful movie has twists and turns. (You are suprised by what happens next.)
  • You can twist a person’s words in order to change their meaning.
  • Figuratively twisting a person’s arm is to apply one’s influence and change an outcome.
  • A person who is twisted may have crazy or insane thoughts.

Perhaps the most famous twist is the one made famous by Chubby Checker:


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January 27, 2014