A person or an animal that is new is young. This is the opposite of the word "old." This is a word you probably alreadyknow , but some people mispronounce the "y" at the beginning of the word, so pay attention to these examples:

  • Young people spend much of their time in school.
  • A person who is 14 years old is too young to drive in the United States.
  • Matt is 16 and his girlfriend is 15. They’re way too young to get married.
  • An owl found a young rabbit in my backyard and ate it.
  • Charlie says he still feels young at the age of 62.
  • How young is too young to start working?
  • Bears are very protective of their young.


The word "youngster" is a noun.

  • A group of youngsters could be heard playing on the playground.
  • Cynthia enjoyed going to the zoo when she was a youngster.

If you have trouble with the "y" sound in English, you can find additional practice on this page.

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