The word "brace" is often used as a verb. It means to support or prepare. When people get ready for something difficult or dangerous, they brace themselves.

  • Leonard braced himself before the nurse gave him an injection.
  • Residents near the ocean are bracing for the arrival of a big storm.
  • Christine tried to brace herself just before her car ran into a tree.
  • Brace yourself for the heat. It’s going to be hot today.
  • Family members of the downed airplane are bracing themselves for bad news.

The word "brace" can also be used as a noun. In this case, a brace is used to provide structural support.

  • A brace was placed underneath the old building to help provide additional support for the foundation.
  • The braces on his legs help him walk.
  • Sheila is going to have the braces on her teeth taken off today. She’s so excited.

braces He’s wearing braces.

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July 19, 2014