You can use "chase" as a verb or as a noun. It almost always means that a person is running after something or someone in an attempt to catch the object of the pursuit.

This is what it looks like as a verb:

  • The police are chasing after a thief who stole a car.
  • A waitress chased a customer down the street because he forgot his cell phone in the restaurant.
  • Chase these pills down with water. It’s easier to swallow them that way. (To chase something down is to drink after swallowing something that does not easily go down the throat.)
  • Cats like to chase after mice.

chaseShe’s chasing him.

In the next set of sentences, "chase" is a noun:

  • The police pursued the thief in a high-speed chase through the city.
  • The children played a game of chase on the playground.

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July 27, 2014