This is a good choice for Word of the Day because it’s such a common feeling among human beings. When you feel embarrassed, you feel shame, humiliation, discomfort, or shyness.

In the form of a verb, you can use it like this:

  • The mistakes he made in the assignment embarrassed him.
  • Her father embarrasses her whenever he speaks because his level of education is so low.
  • It embarrasses me to wear these pants because there’s a big hole near the back pocket.
  • Please stop talking about that situation. It embarrasses me.
  • He was embarrassed by the mistake. (passive voice)
  • The mistake embarrassed him. (active voice)

The word "embarrass" is commonly heard as an adjective. In this case, you can use "embarrassed" or "embarrassing."

  • There were a few embarrassing moments during the wedding ceremony.
  • His entire family feels embarrassed.
  • This is so embarrassing.
  • The young woman made an embarrassing error.
  • An embarrassed teacher admitted her mistakes to her students.

To make the noun, add "ment" to "embarrass."

  • This is such an embarrassment.
  • What an embarrassment!
  • It will take several months for her to get over this embarrassment.
  • The performance was terrible, and all the actors felt an enormous amount of embarrassment because they had not rehearsed their lines well enough.


He feels so embarrassed.

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July 26, 2014