Use the verb "join" when a person becomes a member of something (like this website!) or when people come together as part of a group.

simple past past participle
Helga Jose Tariq
  • Helga joined a conversation with her classmates. (This sentence is in the past tense.)
  • Jose joined his family for lunch.
  • Tariq has joined a soccer league and now he plays soccer on the weekends. (This sentence is in the present perfect tense.)
  • Do you want to join a group and meet new people?
  • Join the chat!
  • Can I join you?
  • A: Can anyone join this website?
  • B: Yes, anyone can join this website to learn English.
  • Everyone welcomed Charles who is the newest person to join the company.


Charles was welcomed with a handshake.

The word "join" can also be used when two things come together or meet at some point.

  • An intersection is a place where two streets join.
  • Pipes are joined together in the plumbing for a home.
  • Two pieces of wood can be joined together with nails, screws, bolts, or glue.


If two pipes are not joined together properly, they’ll leak.

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July 10, 2014