Use the word "shake" to describe sudden movement of an object or a part of the body.

"Shake" is usually used as a verb, and because it’s an irregular verb, you need to learn about its four main forms:

past participle
present participle
  • The ground shakes when there’s an earthquake.
  • Did you shake the orange juice before you poured it?
  • Some performers shake their bodies and roll their hips when they sing.
  • Lena’s entire car shook while driving over the gravel road.
  • Old buildings can’t stand too much shaking of the ground. They crack and fall apart.
  • His whole body started to shake because he was so nervous.

shaking He’s shaking.

The word "shake" is also used when two people clasp hands in greeting, parting, or when signifying an agreement:

  • Mike and Bob shook hands when they came to an agreement.
  • Have you ever shaken hands with the President of the United States?

shake hands They’re shaking hands.

A shaker is a thing that shakes. This is a salt shaker:

salt shaker  salt shaker

  • Use a salt shaker to shake salt onto your food.
  • Use a pepper shaker or a pepper mill to put pepper onto your food.

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July 24, 2014