If you have a cellphone, you might know how to use this word as a verb; however, for most of my life, "text" has been a noun. You should know how to use the word "text" as a noun, a verb, and as an adjective.

Here are some examples of how to use "text" as a verb:

  • Aisha texted her parents to let them know she was okay after the storm. (This sentence is in the past tense.)
  • Some students were texting during class, and when the teacher found out, they got in trouble. (This sentence is in the past continuous tense.)
  • Text me when you find out if you got the job or not.

This is what the word looks like as a noun:

  • Aisha sent her parents a text letting them know that she was okay.
  • The text in this book is very difficult. (text: words)
  • The teacher helped the students understand the text. (text: book or words)
  • Send me a text.

When it’s used as an adjective, the word "text" usually goes before the noun "message."

  • I tried sending you a text message, but I think I sent it to someone else.
  • Text messaging is a very popular way for people to communicate.

As a teacher, I often use the word "text" when forming a compound noun, "textbook."

  • My students will be using new textbooks this year.
  • If you look very carefully, you can find a lot of errors in some textbooks used for teaching English.


The text in this book is very difficult to read.

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July 31, 2014 – Word of the Day