There are many different meanings for the word "tip."

1. tip: advice; good information.

  • Tom’s coach gave him a few tips on how he could improve in playing basketball.
  • She can use a few tips in how to be a good waitress.
  • I have a tip for you: In order to improve your English, practice reading in English for at least half an hour every day.

2. tip: money for good service.

  • The waitress received a big tip because she provided excellent service to her customers.
  • John made over $200 in tips yesterday for parking cars. He’s a valet.
  • Some housekeepers make a little extra money in tips if their supervisors don’t get to it first.
  • The customers tipped the housekeepers $20 before leaving the hotel. (This sentence uses "tip" as a verb.)
  • The guitarist makes money from tips when he performs in the subway.


3. tip: the end of something; the point of an object.

  • He can touch the tip of his nose with his tongue.
  • Glenda says the tips of her fingers hurt from all the work she did yesterday.
  • Apples grow on the tip of a small branch on an apple tree.
  • HIs name is on the tip of my tongue. (tip of one’s tongue = memory)

4. tip: to fall over; to apply a small amount of pressure

  • The stack of chairs tipped over onto the floor because they were too high.
  • The boat started to tip in the wind.
  • The basketball player tipped the ball into the net.


The boat started to tip.

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July 3, 2014