To close one eye while keeping the other eye open is known as a wink. Winking happens for a variety of reasons. It usually involves a joke or when a person is kidding another person.

  • The woman onstage winked at the audience.
  • She winked at them.
  • As the doctor entered the room, he winked at his patient.
  • He gave his patient a wink. (In this sentence, "wink" is a noun.)

A person might also wink at someone he or she is attracted to.

  • Sandra winked at John. She really likes him, and she hopes he’ll ask her out on a date.
  • Brad gave the woman across the room a wink.

wink "Someday I’ll be the owner of this company and I’ll give everyone a big raise," Sandra said while winking at a coworker.

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July 25, 2014