A challenge is a difficult situation; however, it can increase the strength of the person who meets or overcomes the challenge. This word is generally used to create a positive impression.

In these sentences, "challenge" is used as a noun:

  • Vicky faces many new and interesting challenges in her new job.
  • Learning English can be a real challenge for some people.
  • Raising six kids was a challenge for Bob and Linda, but they did it.
  • Today’s soccer match against Belgium poses a challenge for the U.S. team.

You can also use "challenge" as a verb:

  • This puzzle challenges anyone who decides to solve it.
  • This hot weather is challenging the electrical grid.
  • Mario challenged another man to a fight.
  • This test will challenge the students.
  • The students will be challenged by this test. (passive voice)

Add an "ing" to create an adjective:

  • This is a challenging book.
  • The test was challenging.
  • These are challenging problems that need to be addressed.

two insects One insect challenged another in a fight to the death.

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First published on June 30, 2014.