To frustrate is to prevent a person from getting what he or she wants. Frustration can cause stress and a feeling of hopelessness. The source of the frustration can be a person or a thing.

You can use this word as a verb….

  • His job frustrates him.
  • They were very frustrated by the cancellation of their flight. (This sentence is in the passive voice.)
  • Mary’s inability to lose weight frustrates her.
  • The teacher’s methods frustrated the students. They felt as though they weren’t learning anything.

The words "frustrating" and "frustrated" are adjectives:

  • His job is frustrating. He’s frustrated.
  • The cancellation of the flight was frustrating.
  • Mary’s attempts to lose weight have been frustrating.
  • The students feel frustrated in class because the teacher’s methods are so confusing.

frustratedHe’s so frustrated!

The word "frustration" is a noun:

  • His job is the cause of his frustration.
  • Their frustration was caused by the cancellation of their flight.
  • Mary feels a lot of frustration because she can’t lose any weight.
  • The students’ frustration with their teacher resulted in some of them walking out of the classroom.

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Published on June 24, 2014.