Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence. Use each word once.

account   business   company   dollar   employ   finance   growth   harass   inventory   joint   kiosk   liquid   meet   negotiate   occupation     position

1. Some companies decide to sacrifice profits in favor of __________.

2. Robb needed to stay late after the store closed to take __________.

3. There’s a cheap __________ down the street that has good hamburgers and live music.

4. Let’s __________ and discuss this matter over lunch.

5. Supervisors who __________ their employees should not be allowed to keep their jobs.

6. It’s important to choose an __________ that can’t be outsourced to workers in another country.

7. We don’t have enough money right now to buy a new car so we’re going to __________ it.

8. The CEO must __________ for any major financial losses experienced by a corporation.

9. Richard works hard for every __________ he makes.

10. If you want to start your own __________, the United States is a great place to give it a try.

11. A new manufacturing plant opening up in the town will __________ over 400 workers.

12. Workers and management met to __________ a new contract.

13. Bradley is applying for the information technology __________ that just opened up.

14. When the economy tanked, many investors sold off real estate in favor of more __________ assets.

15. Their business started as a small __________ selling jewelry inside a shopping mall.


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