A company is a group of people organized for the purpose of doing business.

  • Tanya works for a good company.
  • The company makes furniture.
  • The company where she works offers good benefits.
  • Someday she’d like to start her own furniture company.
  • What kind of a company do you work for?

woman with laptop Tanya is very ambitious.

Sometimes this word is used as an adjective:

  • Tanya drives a company car. (The car is provided to her for her use. She doesn’t own it, but she drives it for free.)
  • Steve is a real company man. (He’s very faithful to the company.)
  • We went to the company picnic last summer. (company picnic = company party)
  • Company employees are not permitted to use Facebook while at work.

There are a few other ways in which the word "company" is used when describing a group of people.

  • We’re having company over for dinner this weekend. (company = invited guests)
  • Stay here and keep me company for awhile. (keep company = offer companionship)
  • A new theater company in town is presenting Hamlet this spring. (theater company = theater group)
  • Misery loves company. (People who are upset, in trouble, or miserable take comfort in each other.)
  • Two is company; three is a crowd. (The development of an intimate relationship is difficult when there’s one more person hanging around.)

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March 3, 2014