Use the word "liquid" to describe any substance that flows like water. Most liquids can become solid when frozen, or they evaporate when heated.

  • The most common form of liquid is water.


  • You can drink liquids from a glass, a cup, or a mug.


  • Many liquids are stored in bottles until they are consumed.


  • Oil is a very thick form of liquid.
  • The oil is being poured into a funnel.

What does the word "pour" mean?

  • To pour is to move a liquid from one place to another.


  • A popsicle is a frozen liquid. It’s made from juice or sugary water.

The word "liquid" can also be used when talking about an asset (stocks, bonds, real estate, jewelry, etc.) that can be sold for cash. The more liquid something is, the easier it is to sell for cash. If something is not very liquid, it takes a long time to trade it for cash.

  • That store is liquidating all of its merchandise. (The word "liquidate" is a verb.)
  • The liquidation of the store’s inventory took a couple months to complete. (The word "liquidation" is a noun.)
  • A house is not considered to be a liquid asset because it can take a long time to sell and then obtain the cash from the sale. (In this sentence, the word "liquid" is an adjective.)

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March 12, 2014