A market is a place where people go to buy things from people who sell them. In many countries around the world, the market or marketplace is outside. In the United States, a market or supermarket is inside a large building.

  • When Faduma was a little girl, she used to go to the market every day with her mother.
  • Now that she lives in the United States, she goes to the market once or twice a week.
  • An outdoor market is a great place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Farmers’ markets are becoming more popular in our area.

market a farmers’ market

A market is also a place where economic activity takes place on a very large scale, within and among countries.

  • In college, students of business learn how markets function in society.
  • Weather conditions can have an impact on the market.
  • The market responds to the availability of energy supplies such as gas and coal.

When the word "market" is used as a verb, it describes the process of bringing a product to the marketplace where it can be purchased by consumers.

  • That company markets its products to older shoppers.
  • They’re marketing a new type of chewing gum.
  • This product was marketed to younger consumers, but it failed to attract much interest.

The words "market" and "marketing" can be used as adjectives:

  • Helen is a marketing major.
  • Interest rates move up and down according to market conditions.
  • Market incentives can influence how people make purchasing decisions.

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March 31, 2014