The word "position" is similar to the words "arrange" and "situation." You can use the word to describe the way something looks in relationship to other things. We also use the word "position" as a substitute for the word "job."

  • There’s a position opening up in the finance department. (This means someone is leaving that job and now it’s available.)
  • Sherri got a new position at the company where she works.
  • We haven’t filled the position yet. (fill the position = find the right person for the job.)
  • Several new positions have been created as the company continues to expand.
  • What position does he play on the team?
  • Some people say that the goalie has the most important position on a hockey team.
  • From this position we can see everything. (We’re very high up and have a good view.)
  • The army has located the enemy’s position. (This is the location of a soldier or soldiers.)
  • You’re putting me in an awkward position. (This is a common expression. It means that I’m not comfortable with a situation.)
  • This is a terrible position to be in. (This is a bad situation.)
  • What position do you sleep in? Do you sleep on your back?
  • She’s sitting in a lotus position.

positionThis is a lotus position.

In these sentences, "position" is a verb:

  • Vladimir positioned himself to become president. (He created the situation for it to happen.)
  • Clara is positioning herself to take on new responsibilities at work.
  • Photographers know how to position a camera for the best shot. (shot = photo or video)

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