The word "retail" is used for stores that provide products to shoppers. Almost any store you go to would be considered a retailer.

  • The Mall of America has some of the most popular retail stores in the country.
  • Many people have jobs in retail.
  • Target is a major retailer in the United States. (The word "retailer" is similar to "company.")
  • Some companies have hundreds of different retail locations scattered throughout the country.
  • Another way of referring to a retail store is to use the words "bricks and mortar." This is in reference to the physical presence of a store, in contrast to online shopping which is done on the internet.
  • Retail shopping is facing some competitive pressure from online sales and wholesalers (manufacturers who sell goods directly to the public).
  • Retail workers are not very well paid. If you want to make money working in retail, you have to work as a manager or work at the retailer’s corporate headquarters in information technology or in upper management.

retail stores

Starbucks has retail locations all over the world.

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March 19, 2014