Use the word "sale" when something is available for purchase (for sale).

  • They have a house for sale.
  • This car is for sale.
  • Is this for sale? (Is it available for purchase?)

Often, the word "sale" means that the price of something has been reduced (on sale):

  • These shirts are on sale.
  • That store is having a sale on shoes.
  • These pineapples are on sale for three dollars each.
  • There’s going to be a huge sale this weekend at Macy’s.

There are many different kinds of sales:

  • A garage sale is held when people want to sell unwanted things from inside their garage.
  • People without a garage have a yard sale.
  • At an estate sale you can buy almost everything that’s inside a house because a person has died or is moving away.
  • Churches and other organizations hold rummage sales to raise money.
  • A flea market is a sale held by a large group of people who want to sell old, used items.
  • At an auction, things for sale are purchased by the person who offers the most money.

The word "sale" is often combined with other words or used as an adjective:

  • Bob works as a salesman. (Or you can say "salesperson.")
  • Linda is a salesperson. (Or you can say "saleswoman.")
  • Victor has to make a sales call this afternoon. (He has to either call someone on the phone or make a personal visit to a location.)
  • Most things purchased have a sales tax.
  • Sales ads appear in the newspaper on the weekend.
  • A sales force is a group of people who work together to sell things for a company.
  • If a person works on the sales floor of a store, he or she works directly with customers.

sale signA realtor is usually involved in the sale of a house.

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March 20, 2014