Use the word "union" when things or people come together.

  • A marriage is a union between two people.
  • The United States is a union of fifty states.
  • A credit union is a bank where members can deposit or borrow money.

This word is often used to describe a workers’ group that meets and organizes in solidarity when negotiating for wages and benefits.

  • The UAW (United Auto Workers) is a very big union. It protects the interests of auto workers.
  • The AFL-CIO is another large and powerful union. It represents workers in many different industries and trades.
  • Sometimes a union organizes a strike in order to demand better working conditions or better wages.
  • I belong to a teachers’ union.
  • I have to pay dues to the union. (dues = money for membership)
  • The union bargains on my behalf. (bargain = negotiate)
  • The union protects teachers’ rights as workers and it helps to improve working conditions.

unionUnion members meet.

When the prefix "re" goes before "union," it forms the word "reunion." This is a gathering of people who have had past relationships and are interested in seeing each other again.

  • A family reunion is a gathering of family members from many different locations and across generations.
  • A class reunion is a meeting of people who once went to high school or college together.

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March 22, 2014