When the word "bust" is used as a verb, it means to break something or arrest someone.

  • The police busted him for dealing drugs.
  • He got busted.

bust = arrest

  • When he dropped the bottle on the floor, it busted.
  • He busted the bottle.

bust = break

Note: Be careful when using the word "bust" to mean break. Often, the word "break" is better.

When the word "bust" is used as a noun, there are a few other meanings for the word to consider:

  • The police made the bust at the suspect’s home.

bust = an arrest

  • This is a bust of the Roman emperor Tiberius.
  • Many museums contain busts of famous people.

bust = the sculpted head of a person

  • The dress she’s wearing shows off her bust.

bust = a woman’s chest

a woman's bust

Note: This word also refers to a situation that turns out to be worthless:

  • The event was a bust. (Few people showed up.)

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May 20, 2014