People gesture to communicate. The use of the hands or other parts of the body have some sort of meaning.

  • She gestured for the man to join her at the table. (This sentence uses "gesture" as a verb.)
  • She used her finger when gesturing.
  • The teacher made a gesture for the students to stop talking. (This sentence uses "gesture" as a noun.)
  • A gesture from the man in the car indicated he was okay after the accident.
  • The raised middle finger is considered an obscene gesture in the United States.
  • A thumb pointed upwards is a widely used gesture that means something is good.
  • His gesture indicates everything is okay.

okay Everything is okay.

The word "gesture" is also used to describe an intention or an action of some significance.

  • Bringing flowers to the party was a very nice gesture.
  • The gesture of friendship was welcomed by the other side. (the other side = opponents)
  • An offer of money in certain situations is interpreted as a rude gesture.

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May 5, 2014