A person who masters a skill or becomes a master is very good at doing a particular activity. (particular = specific)

  • Luis is a master chef.
  • He has mastered the art of cooking.
  • Charmaine is a master when it comes to putting on an event. She’s very good at organizing things.
  • English teachers hope their students will master grammar and usage skills.
  • Li mastered the formation of the present tense after completing lessons in the Blue and Red levels.
  • The magician we saw last night was a master at creating optical illusions.
  • Large art museums may contain hundreds or thousands of masterpieces. (masterpiece = art or some other created object that demonstrates a person’s great skill.)
  • The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the world’s most famous masterpieces of art.

master artist He has mastered the art of painting on a canvas.

There are a few other ways of using the word "master."

  • A master of ceremonies is a person who does all of the speaking at an event. He or she talks about the event, introduces people, and sometimes gives a speech. "Master of ceremonies" is often shortened to "M.C."
  • Richard served as M.C. at the banquet.
  • A person who owns a dog is that dog’s master.
  • A dog knows its master’s voice.
  • After getting a bachelor’s degree, many people continue their education by pursuing a master’s degree.
  • It can take two or three years to get a master’s degree.
  • Nadia is working on a master’s degree in business. She wants to get an M.B.A. (master of business administration)

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May 9, 2014