The word "matter" is used for a situation or a problem; however, the exact meaning of this word is dependent on the circumstances of the situation.

  • What’s the matter? (What’s the problem?)
  • It doesn’t matter. (Sometimes this means "I don’t care." Other times it means, "It’s okay." It depends on the situation.)
  • No matter what I do, I can’t figure out this problem. (I try and try again, but all the work that goes into this doesn’t make any difference.)
  • This is no laughing matter. (This is a serious situation.)
  • These decisions matter. (These decisions have consequences and affect people.)
  • As a matter of fact, I’m kind of hungry. (As a matter of fact = in truth; in fact)
  • The kind of education you get early in life will matter later in life.

This word is also used in science when discussing the existence of things in the universe.

  • All things are made of some type of matter.
  • Matter has weight and takes up space.
  • The air around you is made up of matter.


Atoms and molecules constitute matter.

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First published on May 30, 2014.