Steps are things a person walks on to move up or down:

  • These steps lead to a door.
steps to a door
  • They’re sitting on the steps.
  • Go up the steps to the front door.

A step can also be a type of movement, forwards or backwards.

  • To walk, a person takes one step after another.
  • They’re dancing. They know some good dance steps.
  • They’re stepping to the music. (This sentence uses "step" as a verb.)
  • He accidentally stepped on someone. (This sentence uses "step" as a verb.)
step on

There are many other ways to use the word "step."

  • Someone has to step forward and help solve the problem. (step forward = volunteer)
  • He needs to step up his game. (He needs to improve his performance.)
  • I need to step out for a moment for some fresh air. (step out = go outside or go somewhere)
  • They’re taking the necessary steps to repair their credit history. (steps = course of action)
  • What’s your next step? (What are you going to do next?)
  • Step away! (Get back!)
  • Nelson has a stepbrother who lives in California. (step  x  = a person who becomes brother, sister, father, mother, etc. through marriage. This is not a blood relationship.)

What’s the difference between the words "steps" and "stairs"? Steps are usually fewer in number, they’re usually outside, and they usually aren’t carpeted. Stairs usually move people between floors, they’re usually inside, and they may or may not be carpeted. However, sometimes these two words are used interchangeably.

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May 14, 2014