The bushes around my house need to be trimmed. They’re really getting too big. When you "trim" something you cut it, but not a lot. To trim something is to cut in small amounts:

You can use this word as a verb:

  • John trimmed the bushes around his house.
  • We’re going to trim our spending in order to save more money.
  • The government can’t trim its budget any further. It must start to raise taxes.
  • The company has to trim its workforce in order to make a profit this year.
  • She’s trimming her customer’s hair.

trimming hair

You can also use "trim" as a noun:

  • Vince didn’t want a lot of hair cut off so he asked the barber for a trim.
  • I’m going to give the bushes a trim today.
  • This tree needs a trim.

trimming a tree

Sometimes this word is an adjective:

  • He looks fit and trim. (trim = no fat)
  • She has a trim waist. (She has a small waist. She doesn’t look fat.)

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May 27, 2014