A person who has access to someone or something can get it or reach it. This word is used for information, equipment, buildings, technology, etc.

  • Who has access to your password?
  • It’s hard to gain access to the roof of the building.
  • Do you have access to a computer?
  • We need access to more data. (We need to get more information.)
  • The people who live in that camp require access to clean drinking water.

This word can also be used as a verb:

  • You can access the building through the rear entrance.
  • They’re trying to access services from the government.
  • The company accessed new technology that will enable it to do more work with fewer workers.
  • You can’t access the highway from this road.


The road doesn’t provide access to the highway.

The word "accessible" is an adjective:

  • This information is accessible only to those who have a password.
  • The fire escape is accessible through the window.
  • The internet should be accessible to everyone.
  • Newly constructed buildings in the United States are accessible to people in wheelchairs.

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November 1, 2014