November 6, 2014 – Word of the Day:  function


Use the word "function" when describing how or why something works.

  • This computer doesn’t function very well. (It doesn’t work very well.)
  • How does this function?
  • It that old TV still functioning?
  • Eva doesn’t function very well under pressure.
  • Sergey is functioning as both the producer and director of the movie.

machine How does this function?

The word "function" also functions as a noun:

  • The function of the teacher in the classroom is to help students learn.
  • What’s the function of the heart within the body?
  • Oswaldo doesn’t understand his function within the company.
  • The gala we’re attending is a huge social function that raises a lot of money. (function = gathering of people for a purpose)
  • What’s the function of the word "him" in this sentence?: We gave him a ride home. (Answer: It’s the indirect object of the verb.)
  • How does that word function in the sentence?

The word "functional" is an adjective:

  • This computer is no longer functional. (It’s no longer working.)
  • Functional medicine attempts to identify the root causes of a health problem.

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