November 13, 2014 – Word of the Day



A method is a way of doing something. It a technique. You could also say it’s the use of a person’s skill and knowledge.

  • Charles has an interesting method for playing the piano.
  • Sal’s methods for increasing sales have been successful.
  • People around the world use different methods for making bread.
  • Mark uses a method approach to acting. (In this sentence the word "method" is an adjective.)
  • The methods that Jimi Hendrix used in playing the guitar in the 1960s are widely imitated today.
  • The government’s methods of getting people to pay taxes were not effective.
  • What kind of methods does the teacher use in teaching the class?

doctor The doctor’s methods were called into question.

The word "methodology" is similar to the word "method." The "ology" ending sounds more scientific or researched.

  • The university doesn’t approve of his methodology.
  • The doctor’s methodology came into question following the accident in the lab.
  • This methodology is relatively new.

Note: The "th" sound is difficult for some students. Click on the link to practice the unvoiced "th" sound.

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