November 22, 2014 – Word of the Day



A vaccine is a type of medicine that provides protection from a disease. Each vaccine for a disease is produced from the disease itself, but the vaccine isn’t harmful. Vaccines are an important measure of protection for people around the world.

  • The flue vaccine changes every year. It protects people from getting the flu.
  • The smallpox vaccine is responsible for eliminating a very dangerous disease.
  • Scientists are working on a vaccine for the ebola virus.

The word "vaccinate" is a verb:

  • People are vaccinated against many dangerous diseases.
  • If you aren’t vaccinated, you are putting yourself and your family at risk of getting sick.
  • Some people aren’t sure whether or not to vaccinate their children.

The word "vaccination" is a noun:

  • Emily went to the doctor’s office for a vaccination.
  • Vaccinations for diseases are an effective way of dealing with these kind of problems.


She’s getting a vaccination.

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