The word "buddy" is similar to the word "friend"; however, a person who is a buddy is a very good friend. Men usually use this word, but some women use it also:

  • Bill is a buddy of mine.
  • He’s a good buddy.
  • He’s one of my buds. ("Bud" is short for "buddy.")
  • We’re the best of buddies.
  • I’m going out with some buddies tonight.
  • Charles is a buddy of mine at work.
  • Sam used to be a buddy. We’re no longer buddies because of something he said about my girlfriend.


Tyler likes to hang out with his buddies.

Sometimes the word "buddy" is used sarcastically or in anger. In this case, the person referred to as a buddy is not a friend–just the opposite:

  • Hey buddy, what do you think you’re doing?
  • Okay, buddy, what’s your problem?
  • Get lost, buddy boy.

Note: If you live in the United States, it’s common to hear a parent call his or her child "buddy."

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October 20, 2014