October 23, 2014 – Word of the Day:  tank

A tank is usually a container that holds liquid or gas:


  • A fish tank holds fish.
  • A gas tank holds gas.
gas tank
  • A water tank stores water.
water tank
  • A propane tank provides fuel for a grill.
propane tank
  • A tank used for military purposes is operated by soldiers who sit inside and shoot at people.
military tank
  • A tank top is worn when it’s hot outside. There are no sleeves and it’s very light.
tank top

When the word "tank" is used as a verb, it means that something is not functioning very well:

  • Their business is tanking.
  • The football team tanked in the second half of the game.
  • The proposal for a new park tanked at the city council meeting. (The park won’t be built.)

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