October 28, 2014 – Word of the Day:  tight


Use the word "tight" when something is a close fit or when there’s not a lot of room available for movement. We use this word for clothing, spaces, relationships, competitions, and money.

  • These shoes are too tight. I can barely get my feet into them.
  • Marcia likes to wear tight dresses that show off her figure.
  • That parking space is going to be a tight squeeze, but it looks like we’ll make it.
  • The two candidates are in a tight race for the U.S. Senate.
  • The score of the game is tight. (tight = close)
  • Those two are very tight. (tight = close in a relationship)
  • Vince is too tight with his money. He doesn’t like to pay for anything.
  • That bike is so tight. (Young people use tight as a slang word for cool or awesome.)

By adding an "en" to "tight," you can form the verb "tighten."

  • You need to tighten your shoe laces or else you’ll trip.
  • We’re going to have to tighten our budget to make ends meet this month.
  • The mechanic tightened all the lug nuts when he put the wheels back on the car.

tight pants These men are wearing some very tight pants.

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