The word "answer" is similar to "reply." When you ask a question, someone will try to give you an answer. Most of my students know this word, but some make mistakes with the pronunciation. The "w" in "answer" is silent.

Many people use "answer" as a verb:

  • Please answer the question.
  • Jerry didn’t answer the question.
  • Do you know how to answer this? (This question uses "answer" in the form of an infinitive.)
  • His troubled childhood answers many questions.
  • Sara doesn’t like to answer the door when she’s home alone.
  • Bill asked Sue to marry him and she answered yes.
  • The phone is ringing. Could you answer it, please?

You can also use "answer" as a noun:

  • Did he give you an answer to your question?
  • What was the answer?
  • Who has the answers for last night’s homework?
  • What kind of an answer is that? That’s not a very good answer.


He thinks he knows the answer to the question.

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September 10, 2014