There are several different ways to use the word "cast."

  • A cast is used to heal broken bones. She has a cast on her arm.
  • This boy has a cast on his leg.

(In this sentence, the word "cast" is used as a noun )

cast on leg
  • When fishing, a person casts his line into the water.

cast = throw

cast / cast / cast

(In this sentence, the word "cast" is used as a verb.)

cast fishing
  • He’s casting a net into the water.
cast a net
  • Performers are often members of a cast. (cast = group)
  • Cast members appear in radio, television, and theater productions.
  • If you like radio or television programs, you listen or watch the broadcast.
  • He’s using a cast iron skillet to cook.
(The word "cast" in this sentence is used as an adjective.)
cast iron skillet
  • Cannons used during the American Civil War were made of cast iron.

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September 28, 2014